My name is Terri Taylor. I started my salon (original T2) back in 2011.

The reason I started my own salon suite is because I was a client before becoming a stylist. As a client I realized that not only is beauty important, but time is also very valuable. I wanted to become a professional stylist who could incorporate a quality hair care service into busy schedules.  

Royal T Hair Lounge  was designed with the clients’ needs in mind.
Since 2011 I've seen clients go from being healthy to becoming ill due to environmental factors. The last thing I want is for any clients to become ill from hair care products so, Royal T Hair Lounge was created. I researched products that have better ingredients as well as an ethical concept.
of my products are the following:

Vegan/Cruelty Freestyle
Gluten Free
Paraben Free
GMO Free
SLS Free
Perfume Free


Certified Hair Practitioner from IAT

Trained by Razor Chic in
Hair Loss Management

Curly Hair Specialist

Rezo Cut & Lights Certified

Cut It Kinky Certified

Paul Mitchell Hair School Graduate

Dream Catcher Hair  & House of Monroe Extensions Certified

Olaplex, Barbicide, Oway color & Brazilian Blowout

6 Fun Facts About Me

I never crawled when I was a baby. I skipped that step and started walking.
I only write with my left hand
I will pick peas out of any mixed dish
I was the ballerina in the class that did my own dance moves
I was picked out the crowd to perform with The Universal Soul Circus
As I love doing hair, I do not like seeing hair in my sink or the tub lol.

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